In Spring 2018, I am instructing SOCI 340 Sociology of ImmigrationThe course discusses how the influx of immigrants makes societal and institutional changes in different national contexts around the globe. It also examines how immigrant policies exert influence on immigrants' lives. Please click here for the syllabus of SOCI 340. The anonymous teaching evaluation form my students are available here


teaching philosophy

I apply my teaching philosophy in every class that I design. For example, in my Research Methods course, I would divide students into groups and assign each the role of a different think-tank; students would then be required to provide professional consultation in the form of formal presentations and provide their strategies for solving real-life problems. Students would learn different perspectives from the group discussions and have the opportunity to act as professional researchers, and addressed real-life problems.

Similarly, in my Sociology of Gender class, I would ask students to do a mini content analyses of the comments under pop stars’ official Facebook pages.

In my Sociology of Religion class, I would assign experiential assignment to each student: (1) interview a religious friend; (2) observe a religious event; and (3) analyze a website about religion. Through this assignment, students would learn firsthand how religion impacts people's daily lives.

I am prepared to teach core sociological classes, such as Research Methods. I am also able to teach substantive sociological classes, in GenderReligionRace and EthnicityScience, and China.



Religion in a global context

Sociology of gender

Exploring modern china



I consistently expose students to research through mentoring. I have worked in the Religion and Public Life Program (RPLP)  at Rice University, where we have mentored over 70 undergraduate students in various majors. Taking a leadership role, I have mentored undergraduate students in a variety of areas, including research ethics, research methods, data analysis, and presentation skills.

With the support from a Pre-Dissertation Research Grant at Rice University, a small grant from Boniuk Institute at Rice University, and a Student Research Award from the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR), I also mentored undergraduate students throughout my independent master's thesis and dissertation project. When I mentor, I connect what students have learned in sociology classes with empirical data and expose them to all the building blocks of sociological research. To learn more about my mentorship, please refer to my mentoring schedule designed for undergraduate research assistants in Fall 2017.